Success Stories

LCCC Business Growth Services have taken Northeast Ohio’s entrepreneurs, small businesses and established companies to new levels of growth and success. Each company we serve faces unique challenges and opportunities along the journey from innovation to commercialization, but the strategies that lead to one success hold lessons that can benefit us all.

By sharing these success stories from companies we’ve worked with, we hope to provide examples that encourage other businesses to explore growth goals of their own.

How Apollo Medical Devices developed a new blood testing system

Apollo Medical Devices

To perform most blood tests, a nurse obtains a vial of blood is from a patient and sends the sample to a lab, where it’s spun in a big machine and analyzed. Lab technicians then email the patient’s results to the physician who ordered the test.


How PLIDCO® helps people train for careers in CNC machining


Today’s manufacturing industry is struggling to find the skilled talent it needs. Just ask Northeast Ohio manufacturer The Pipe Line Development Co. (PLIDCO®), the world’s leading supplier of pipeline repair and maintenance fittings.


LCCC is helping Lorain County Habitat for Humanity transition to its new headquarters

Habitat for Humanity

If you’re looking for the headquarters of Lorain County Habitat for Humanity, you might run into some trouble. That’s because the organization is currently located at two addresses.


LCCC launches The Richard Desich Sales Institute

The Richard Desich Sales Institute

Savvy, knowledgeable consumers don’t respond well to pushy, old-school sales tactics, so professionals need to learn new sales skills to be successful. And that could include redefining what “selling” means.


How Wireless Environment secured funding to produce its closet lighting solution

Wireless Environment

David Levine and his business partner, Michael Recker, started Wireless Environment to shed light on a real problem.


How the Right Skills Now training program is delivering results for regional manufacturers

Right Skills Now

Right Skills Now is a national model for offering accelerated training in CNC operations, programming and machining specialties that will account for 14 to 22 percent of job growth in manufacturing by 2024.


The Speed-to-Market Accelerator program piloted talent planning strategies for regional workforce development

LogiSync and RES Polyflow

The Northeast Ohio Speed-to-Market Accelerator (STMA) program focuses on flexible electronics and advanced energy, two emerging industries with high-growth potential in Northeast Ohio.