The Richard Desich Sales Institute



To establish a world class sales institute that centers around the direct input of the thought leaders within our regional business community.  The goal of the program is to approach training through a Learn and Apply Methodology – where delivery of content is paired with implementation through a formal hands on experience in a state of the art sales lab.

The Need for a Different Kind of Sales Training

In talking with regional businesses, Lorain County Community College realized that many companies lack the specialized resources needed to equip their sales teams with necessary consultative soft skills. Although there is adequate in-house training to develop product knowledge, LCCC identified an opportunity to respond to this need with a unique kind of sales training.

The Desich Sales Institute – A “New School” of Selling

Centered on existing community based businesses and their specific needs, LCCC built the Richard Desich Sales Institute around inputs directly provided by companies within the region and their sales forces to develop a new generation of successful sales professionals.

The Desich Sales Institute takes a comprehensive approach to developing skills for all facets of selling:

  • Sales Leadership: planning, profiling, assessment and evaluation practices that show sales leaders how to strategically grow sales by guiding salespeople to higher performance.
  • Sales Talent: developing skills that build relationships with customers to create opportunities for referrals, repeat business, and loyalty – the “new sales model” of earning a clients business.
  • Recruiting Sales Talent: helping companies learn how to attract and retain the best sales professionals to keep the talent bench strong and not suffer the consequences of unexpected turnover.

The Desich Sales institute offers an applied learning, hands-on training approach to sales training. Since time is money in sales and training is usually considered a non revenue-generating activity, this applied approach enables professionals to produce actual work during training that will help to generate revenue, while leveraging the benefits of increased retention that comes from hands-on learning.

Benefits Professionals, Companies
Besides strengthening existing talent, the Desich Sales Institute positively impacts a company’s profitability through:

  • Shorter Ramp-Up: New sales people will be able to produce more quickly as a result of the applied learning approach.
  • Increased Effectiveness and Efficiency: Existing sales team learns to “connect” with clients through better understanding of customer needs.
  • Earning a client’s business: Better prepared individuals in competitive sales positions, promoting repeat business.
  • Increased retention and reduced turnover: A greater return on the investment on those hired.

Read more about the benefits and how the Desich Sales Institute is helping other companies.

Sales Strategy Consultation

The Richard Desich Sales Institute offers a no cost – no obligation initial sales strategy consultation to community businesses. 

New Sales Training Program and Certificate

This world-class program teaches salespeople to understand both the buying decision science and the internal questions that customers commonly ask and answers. Prepared with the knowledge salespeople can now be more proactively prepared to:

  • Help more customers say yes more often
  • Eliminate decision resistance by changing the customer buying experience
  • Create faster more productive partnerships with more decision influencers
  • Differentiate themselves, their company and their solution

Upon completion of this program, you’ll receive a Certificate of Advance Professional Sales from The Richard Desich Sales Institute at Lorain County Community College and become Alumni of the program for networking opportunities.

To learn more, please complete our inquiry form below or contact Jim Walborn at or (440) 366-4323.

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