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LCCC is committed to helping businesses launch, grow and take ideas to market. Through LCCC Business Growth Services, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of resources for entrepreneurs, innovators and growing companies.

Discover how our Business Growth Services can support your business in the following areas.

  • Talent Planning and DevelopmentTo build the skilled workforce to grow your company
  • Business CoachingTo access to the experience of seasoned business experts through leadership training and mentoring
  • Business FundingTo connect with the financial resources needed to start and grow successful businesses
  • Technology TransferTo get help assessing your invention or idea for its commercial potential 
  • Advanced ManufacturingTo access specialized training that maximizes investments in advanced manufacturing equipment and processes
  • Technology CommercializationTo accelerate the process of taking innovative products and ideas to market
  • Space To learn and grow, with facilities to provide banquet and meeting space, business incubation and office space

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