Every step forward creates a clearer path.

By supporting business growth at every stage, LCCC Business Growth Services strives to make a measurable impact on the Northeast Ohio economy and business environment. From funding startups to hiring employees and commercializing products, we know that investing in today’s businesses and entrepreneurial ideas is the key to launching more businesses, taking more products to market and creating more jobs for our region and beyond.

How do we measure the impact of our Business Growth Services?

The efforts of LCCC and its community partners – including private and public sector organizations – continue to have a positive impact on our region, as well as the national and global economies. Uniting behind the goal of driving economic development, we measure our performance by the success of:

  • Individuals – Who receive skills, certifications and entrepreneurial support to innovate
  • Startups – Who receive coaching, guidance and funding to launch businesses
  • Businesses– That receive mentoring, strategic planning and capital to grow
  • The community – Which grows when we develop local talent to fill the need for local jobs
  • The economy – Which grows when we connect the dots among entrepreneurship, innovation, commercialization and job growth

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Impact of GLIDE’s business coaching services





The Innovation Fund has received over 1,100 applications and committed more than $10 million to 153 of Northeast Ohio’s most promising young companies.


  • 5,700 Inquiries
  • 1125 Accepted Applications
  • 186 Awards
  • 153 Companies
  • $10.460M Value of Awards


  • $188M+ Follow-On Investments
  • $101.4M Sales Revenue
  • 520+ Jobs
  • 195+ Internships
  • $50K – $120K Salary Range




The Technology Transfer & Commercialization Task Force
has assisted with 50 invention disclosures in multiple industries by 40 inventors resulting in two companies being launched.

50 invention disclosures:

  • Healthcare – 25
  • Information Technology – 2
  • Clean Energy – 6
  • Industrial – 4
  • Advanced Design – 6
  • Other – 7

By 40 inventors:

  • Student – 4
  • Faculty – 3
  • Public – 24
  • SMART Center – 1
  • Hospitals/Institutions – 8


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